About LeBlanc Enterprises

LeBlanc Enterprises, an international transportation consultant company, is dedicated to performing the highest level of transportation, coordination and logistics.

With many years of experience dealing with U.S. government agencies and international governments, our aim is to provide the most cost effective mode of transportation throughout the world.

Our reputation with U.S. government customs provides the most expedient and reliable method of clearances for our customers.

Our success has been achieved by expertise, coordination, performance and follow-up. We thrive on bringing a smile to our customer’s face.

The LeBlanc Process

Return to US import clearance
and examinations at
Port-return to vendor via air,
trucking, or FedEx.

Request from:
Production companies/ satellite companies/
(ESPN, HBO, NBC, ABC, etc.)
& Mobile production Co’s

Transit of equipment
to host countries
via air or ocean
importation clearance,
trucking to the venue–
“Reverse upon completion”
– to outgoing shipper.

Transit of equipment
from vendors via air
trucking-FedEx to
outgoing points and
expedited clearance
via customs

Leading companies choose LeBlanc